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Verrettes, Haiti Project Blog

Verrettes, Hait was the first project undertaken by our founders before WFSV was created. Steve, Rick and Aimond along with help from many friends, family members and locals installed a water system for the Good Samaritan School on Verretttes. Over 5 visits to the village they:

  • Cleaned the existing well
  • Repaired the hand pump
  • Drilled a new well
  • Installed a solar panel array, battery bank & power station
  • Constructed a pump house with chlorinator and pressure tank
  • Installed sinks in the clinic and school
This project inspired Steve, Ricka and Aimond to form Water For Small Villages. Read More about this project which is archived on companion website OneStepBublishing

UPDATED: 2016-09-04 16:50:34