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Packing the Shipping Container

We reached a milestone today, the well supplies arrived and we re-packed the shipping container. Thanks to some fantastic team work, and being watched over by the Holy Spirit, the rain held off, an unexpected volunteer showed up and everything was completed as planned. After waiting for a thunderstorm to pass our team (Mike, Nancy, David, Richie, Lillian, Evioun and Rick) unloaded the container, and organized the boxes under a tarp to keep dry. It took less time than the estimated 2 hours and we even had time for a rest under the tent while we waited for the delivery truck to arrive. The truck arrived at 3PM exactly as promised and we loaded 10,000 lbs of sand and pipe into the container. Then we had the difficult task of re-packing the 73 boxes, buckets, cabinets, bags and bins back into the container. Nancy and Dave were the puzzle masters as they directed the team on how to best stack the items and maximize use of the space. By 5PM we were finished as we had hoped. We are now waiting for the last of the supplies and will ship the container to Haiti very soon. See our photos...

UPDATED: 2016-09-04 11:42:00