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Solar & Septic

The solar panels have been installed installed on the Guest House June 12th and we understand they are now enjoying reliable electrical service 24x7. The final work is being completed on Kay Timoun and they will also enjoy having reliable electrical service which they have long been waiting for. The septic tanks at Kay Timoun and one "teachers" tank were cleaned out on June 6th.
We have identified the best location to install a new well and will now make final preparations to ship our well equipment to Haiti. An order for pipe and tanks has been placed and we expect the container to arrive in Bondeau on July 29. Generator repairs were completed during the last visit. We installed a new muffler, exhaust pipe and an oil change. We chlorinated the tanks on the guest house and Kay Timoun orphange. See our photos...

UPDATED: 2016-09-04 16:43:53