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Last Minute Preparations

After 6 months of planning we are in the final hours of preparing to leave for Nepal. We appreciate the support and encouragement from everyone. We raised funds from bake sales, purse sales, pop-up shops, house party concerts, t-shirt sales, coin can collections, a silent auction, online donations, and donations from family and friends. The pump was donated by FranklinElectric, centralizers from FOSTOC, pump wiring from SullivanElectric-Pump, and Bob Brown funded the drinking water tank for the school in Kabilash.
The logistics for an effort like this are enormous. We had to ship our pump via FedEx due to changing TSA restrictions on airline checked baggage. The pump could not be x-rayed, so it would not likely have passed the inspection. Our only viable option was to ship it. We received word from our friend Sunita, in Kathmandu, that the FedEx package arrived in Nepal. She has to receive it from Customs. I hope it goes smoothly and our paperwork is in order.
Tomorrow morning (5/27), we plan to arrive at the airport (PBI) at least 3 hours early so all the strange things in our luggage can be checked by TSA. Then, we settle in for the 32-hour trip from PBI to JFK to DBX to KTM. We arrive in KTM the next day (5/28) at 10:05PM local time.
It's gonna be a long night of packing, repacking, and going over lists. We don't think we'll get any sleep until we're on the plane.


All packed and ready to go! In addition to our carry-on and personal bags, we have 2 check-in bags each, 44 lbs per bag, and they are packed with pipe, cables, centralizers, tools, routers, cameras, valves, and a few changes of clothes. We expect the weather to be in the 80's in Kathmandu and in the 90's in Aapchour - our project location. Here's a link to the weather in KTM.

UPDATED: 2017-06-17 17:01:30