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Hike to a Tibetan Refugee Camp (Still on Our Dime)

It's worth repeating, we are not spending any project money on this part of the trip.
Second day in Jomson. We decided Madhav would drive back to Pokhara
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Bhakatapur & Pipe Delivery to Kabilash

It's a mad dash to finish everything as we feel Saturday soon approaching. We finished the final negotiations by phone with the pipe company. The mayor arrang
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Back to Kathmandu

We woke real early, packed, settled our bills, had a cup of coffee and then a worker from the hotel walked us down the street to the airport. After we arrived,
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Day 13 - Installation of the Water Pipe

We met down in the lobby of the hotel at 6AM where our driver was already waiting for us. We loaded our gear and headed out of town for Kabilash one more time.
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