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Day 6 - Building a Spring Box

It was another exhausting, but great day. We skipped breakfast and left the hotel at 6AM with a goal to be in Kabilash by 8AM. Even though we made a few stops
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Road to Tato Pani (On Our Own Dime)

Before I begin this page of the blog I must point out we are now in a holding pattern waiting for the concrete to cure and supplies to be delivered. So we deci
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Gathering Supplies in Kathmandu

We spent today in Kathmandu. We had a well deserved slow start to the day. We had a late breakfast and then we met with the editor of an international Nepali
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Jomson, Annapurna Mountain Range (Not On Your Dime)

Day two on our own expenses - not your dime.
WE MADE IT! We're in Jomson, which is a Himalayan village at 9,028ft on the Annapurna mountain range. It w
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